Professional Experience

Since its founding in 1996, BernsteinMurphy has established itself as a boutique Scottsdale-based real estate brokerage firm specializing in multi-tenant retail investments statewide. Co-founders, David Bernstein and Dave Murphy, have more than 50 years combined experience in local real estate, giving the company in intimate knowledge of this specialized market.

What sets BernsteinMurphy apart?

Our focus on a specific market and exclusive specialization in retail investments makes our company unique. Because of our focused specialization and ability to sell, qualify and close, we have developed a proven track record. BernsteinMurphy has closed over 200 shopping center transactions since 1996.

We’re a company committed to delivering excellent customer service that yields our clients big results. BernsteinMurphy offers personalized service to clients in the retail market. We will utilize extensive buyer and owner relationships with the primary focus on accessing capital from other major out-of-state markets. We are confident that our retail investment specialization and access to both local and out-of-state capital/investors will generate more offers and result in a higher closing price.


With the combination of a consistently active track record, an unparalleled knowledge of the market, and complete attention to clients’ needs, BernsteinMurphy has proven that it can successfully close the transaction and net the client more money.